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​​ During my (Miranda) roller coaster ride from being missed diagnosed with sarcoidosis to later being diagnosed with Lupus there were times that I felt like giving up but I knew I had to stay strong for my daughter and love ones. I wanted to get my mind off of my illness so I thought about getting a hobby. I thought about selling jewelry but didn't have a passion for it. I knew I loved candles but wasn't really sure how to go about it. I later begin to do hours of research by reading books about candles, and watching videos, as well as joining support groups. At times I would find myself going into different stores just to look at their candles. Once I was able to perfect my craft I later start giving samples to family and friends. My daughter also has a passion for candle so we decided that we should go into bussiness together. We both realized that as a team we really have a good quality candle. We have been making candles now over 3 years and love every minute as we are expanding to more than just candles.

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